We recognise that the poultry industry is ever-changing, impacting the requirement of materials used for bedding. With this in mind, Agrex remain adaptable to suit these changing requirements.

The products currently in use on our customer’s farms are straw, wood chip and shavings. We understand that these products all require a different spreading requirement such as box spreading or straw hay bob spinners and work to fulfil these needs and give the desired layout of the bedding on completion.

Agrex use mini compact tractors that are washed and disinfected before and after each and everyday tasks are completed, maintaining and supporting customer farms bio security policy.

All of our staff are trained and qualified to drive and operate the machinery, this assurance is supported by a risk assessment and safe operating procedure for each task followed by annual yearly competence.

Health and safety during the process

As part of the training, completion and safe operation of each task, the operative and the operation will be randomly spot audited. The operatives will all be issued their own personal protective equipment, replaced as and when required.

Our vehicles and equipment are serviced, well maintained and replaced according to a replacement time table to maintain the highest performance required, enabling us to give the quality finish required for your farms.