To support your during farm turn around we offer a dedicated, highly trained team to set up your poultry farm and supply mini compact tractors with equipment to support the task. All vehicles are cleaned before and after each daily task, serviced and maintained on a regular basis and replaced according to a scheduled time table.

Our staff members are all trained to use a safe operating procedure for all of these tasks and are backed up by risk assessments for each one. We also maintain a yearly annual competence for each member of staff.

The first stage of setting up your poultry house onto the fresh bedding will be to use a mini compact tractor and feed hopper trailer. Your chick feed will be placed onto paper that is supplied from the feed hopper trailer which will be filled each time from your main feed bin. The feed will then be run out in lines as requested throughout the poultry shed onto the paper, so the chicks can feed easily.

The setting up process consists of us placing enrichment bales or top up bales to your requirements located in the poultry house. We will check equipment such as the feeder and drinker winding winches with the tubes and pipes to each line to ensure that they are well maintained and in a good serviceable condition before lowering them to the desired level.

Perches and feed hopper bins are placed in situ and a foot path for chick trolleys to run along will be prepared on the floor space as you request. Vents and fans can be closed as requested along with doors finally being closed on completion of each poultry house.

During this process, and on the completion of the farm, Agrex strive to maintain a clean and tidy site at all times.