At Agrex we strive on our ability to provide pecking and enrichment blocks which have been designed to ensure the welfare of your birds.

We recognise that great changes are emerging in the poultry husbandry in which freedom of movement, extra space, access to the outside and altogether more natural conditions are demanded from farms.

Mutations like beak trimming are frowned upon or may be made illegal and cages will almost certainly disappear altogether in the next few years. We also know that a much more rigid enforcement of welfare rules and regulations are to be demanded in the UK.

pecking blockOur product suits these changes and has been proven in practice to be efficient for all ages and types of the species. Trials at a British University Department and at prominent integrators have confirmed the value of the pecking block in providing the expected benefits from an enriched environment.

No matter the area of poultry farming you are operating within, all poultry is at risk to the sudden outbreaks of feather pecking loss. However, farmers have experienced far fewer of these problems during continuous use of our pecking blocks for their flocks.

The pecking block’s availability has shown to improve results while providing the welfare enrichment that is now required in farming.