Agrex agricultural hygiene services are the lead supplier in the United Kingdom for Cobra2000 Orchard sprayers and the Storm 1000 Orchard sprayer.

Orchard sprayers are currently being used to disinfect and fumigate poultry houses and have been proven to give improved results from a micro biological laboratory reports compared against manual labour applications.

Both the Cobra2000 and Storm1000 are very versatile and low wheel based to guarantee safe transition in and around poultry units. The machines have large mixing tanks to hold both water and chemicals; up to 2000 litres for the Cobra and 1000 litres for the Storm. The application is produced directly from the machines using a large fan to give an even and uniform coverage.

Agrex also have the staff and the ability to provide training for each of these machines if requested, should the company wish to purchase either of the products or use them again at a later date using their own staff members.