To support everyday pressure and challenges to customer farms, Agrex can offer labour on a daily basis to give the customer peace of mind and improve time scale with daily tasks.

The team supplied will be trained to a high standard from a safe operating procedure and covered by a risk assessment; each individual will also have annual competence assessments.

Suggested tasks for labour support to customer farms:

  1. Heat stress related bird losses collection for disposal
  2. Flood conditions from heavy rain impact on drainage
  3. Removal of flooded litter from poultry houses due to drinker line failure
  4. Removal of misplaced feed
  5. At a special request we can offer a trained and calculated cull of poultry
  6. Chick placement
  7. Road way wash for customer audits
  8. Bulk bin exterior wash
  9. Cleaning of external guttering
  10. Floor expansion joint tarring
  11. Descale drinker cups
  12. Replace flooded areas after removal with fresh bedding
  13. Grass cutting
  14. Bulk bin fogging
  15. Bedding up

For all tasks, the appropriate and highest standard equipment will be supplied.