Agrex Limited provide Igeba 95 fogging machines for fumigation on customer farms we have nine machines that are set running one by one with the scope to process and fumigate nine poultry houses every forty minutes.

This supports customer tight deadlines and turns farms around much more quicker giving large farms the scope to be completed in and around one and an half hours.


Fumigation in action

Agrex Limited also offer bulk feed bins fumigation used in conjunction with DTX55 Solution.

This product as been trialed and tested as a safe product for this task. It does not harm the food in any way although we would prefer to have the bin completely empty if at all possible.

During the process, small amounts of food such as in the cone, would not be a problem.

Once all bins are complete they are allowed to stand for two hours then we use a mini blowing machine to vent the bin through.

Bulk bin fumigation is a further process using DTX-55 solution to achieve best results. No bin would need to be empty, or at the worst 75-80% empty as the product is safe.