Customers will note that expansion joints can become deep seated over a period of time, this has a detrimental effect and impact to the hygiene standards of these areas and has the potential to contribute to a disease build up.

Agrex can offer a solution to this problem, with hot bitumen tar to seal these unwanted areas. A regular maintenance schedule and audits provided will then identify when further attention is required and Agrex will attend to this accordingly.

Floor tar can also be offered when time is short and a quick safe solution is required for a floor repair or floor egress until time then permits for a more suitable solution.

This facility also works well for the maintenance of the farm yard and concrete surrounds as it helps promote unwanted environmental issues in these areas.

We currently supply a dedicated and highly trained team as well as equipment for this task, operating to a safe operating procedure and risk assessment for this task.

The equipment we currently use is three large tar pots, trailer mounted and powered by propane gas to operate the burning units. We supply forty kilo tar blocks to meet the requirement on your customer farms.