In the ever challenging environment of disease control and strict bio security measures in the poultry industry, we can offer you the following products to ease concerns surrounding these issues.

Agrex provide a wide range of cleaning products and disinfectants which can be supplied and delivered direct to your farm, consisting of a first stage cleaning agent followed by a second stage sanitizer and third stage disinfectant. On completion of cleaning and the disinfectant programme, we also supply fumigation products for fogging.


DTX is a formalin and formaldehyde free product that is also more importantly a carcinogenic free product. The product can be used for poultry house fumigation and feed bulk bins and is trialled and tested as a safe product.

After a turn around time of just four hours with ventilation to follow for one hour, the poultry house is then safe to work in.

This product saves a substantial length of time compared with a formalin and formaldehyde product which takes 12 hours to stand and a further 12 hours to ventilate in order to be safe to work in.

Formalin product

We also supply a formalin pre mixed fumigation product which can be used for fogging poultry houses or directly sprayed on to floors to work against extra challenges on your farm.